“Project X” Rave Party Connected with Florida Shooting

Mount Dora, Florida witnessed a horrid night as a lethal shooting resulted in one man dying while another was found in a critical state. The shooting took place outside a massive Rave Party named Project X that hosted a thousand people.

Authorities confirmed that the two men were attacked near Sheridan Road in the early hours of Saturday morning, as reported by News 6.

The authorities also disclosed the name of the murdered as Steven Charlostin, aged 21. The other man was also found injured nearby and was taken to the hospital in the vicinity. More significantly, both the victims are believed to be attendees of Project X. This was the reason The Sheriff’s office infers the homicide is related to the rave.

Although, the officials are convinced about the co-relation between the incident and the rave, they are not yet sure about the exact location of the former.

We obviously side with quick justice and believe in our dream of a world with harmony and peace. Trip safe fellas.

Source : Mixmag