Okeechobee Announces Price Changes for 2018

Okeechobee music festivalOkeechobee Announces Price Changes for 2018

Okeechobee recently released ticket information for next year’s festival, reflecting a price change. The festival is relatively new and for the past three years has been able to host headliners including ODESZA, Flume, and Porter Robinson for a fairly low cost, plus art experiences, workshops, and other programs.

Tickets will be $308 for a 4-day pass in 2018, which still gives attendees good value compared to other festivals. The price increase helps the Okeechobee team maintain the beauty of Sunshine Grove and improve the festival by upgrading the sound systems and bringing in new art pieces. The festival also announced hidden surprises as part of the experience, giving Okeechobeings one more thing to look forward to next year.

The team strives to produce the best festival experience at the lowest possible price and is always trying to improve. Hosting a 4-day camping festival at the 829-acre Sunshine Grove is a magical experience but maintaining such a large space is costly. “We need to respect, nurture and sustain this land – that is an investment that we share and it factors into our pricing,” said festival organizers in their official statement.

Along with the price changes, Okeechobee is introducing mandatory car camping passes in hopes to reduce the strain that car camping causes on the environment. For those who do not wish to purchase a car camping pass, options include using the day parking lot, taking public transport to the festival, or getting dropped off at the venue.

Organizers understand that the festival owes its success to attendees and they must respond to complaints. In previous years they had local residents and attendees express unhappiness with the sound system and in 2018, they will be upgrading and adding PA systems. They will also be making sure that factors like the wind will not affect sound quality.

Sound quality is a key element to a festival but Okeechobee is also providing non-music programming, art, and workshops to give attendees four fun-filled days. The Okeechobee team values the commitment of attendees who purchase a 4-day pass. “We do not take that decision lightly and we are truly honored by the support we have been shown.”

Showing their dedication to taking in feedback and improving, the team invites anyone with questions to reach out.