Michigan State Police PLUR Custom-Made Kandi During Electric Forest



Music, security officers, dancing, and kandi have always been prime staples in the electronic dance music and festival scene. Without these elements, the atmosphere during an event would not be the same.

Yesterday, Reddit user @BDWabashFiji posted a picture that has been making its rounds on the internet. The photo shows a Michigan State police officer’s handmade kandi that was traded to the Reddit user directly. Talk about made with peace, love, unity, and respect in mind!


The ingenious crime-stoppers whom were present during Electric Forest wanted to give a personalized twist dedicated to the security of the festival attendees. With safety and PLUR in mind, they handcrafted single pieces of kandi with informative security reminders and tips to distribute to the festival goers.

The participants couldn’t get enough of this magnificent idea! All weekend long, the police officers and party-goers traded kandi; thus, lifelong memories were made.

Over the course of the weekend, the officers proudly became involved with the crowd as they sported their creative kandi and promoted safe partying tips and tricks. Some were even spotted busting a move (or ten) to RL Grime’s set.

As the years go by, it’s undeniably inspiring to see the staples intertwining for the greater good of the festivals. There is no doubt that the Michigan State police officers deserve a huge round of applause and we hope to see more positive involvement in the future. Keep the PLUR running strong!