Kaskade Interviewed On News About Sun Soaked

Sun Soaked

Kaskade Interviewed On News About Sun Soaked

More often than not mainstream media shines a negative light on the electronic dance music scene. Influencers usually have very few outlets to speak to the masses about it. Earlier this week, however, Kaskade had the opportunity to speak to an LA news station, KCAL9, about his upcoming Sun Soaked show on Saturday, July 15 in Long Beach, California.

Kaskade was interviewed Tuesday on KCAL9 for his upcoming show, his massive LA Convention Center show last year, Las Vegas residencies, his family, and how his religion plays into his music.

The KCAL9 interviewer spoke about his great success he had selling out the convention center and breaking an attendance record with 25,000 people attending the show, mentioning the fact that Kaskade wants to go bigger this year with Sun Soaked.

Kaskade said, “I’m a resident of LA, I tour the world, I’ve played numerous beach parties in Rio, in all these different places, in Sydney, and I’m like why don’t I do a show on a beach here in Southern California?”

They go on to speak about how Kaskade was one of the first major DJ’s who had a Las Vegas residency stemming from the idea of throwing a pool party. The news interviewer speaks about the past of Vegas residencies being usually reserved for lounge singers and how DJ’s like Kaskade changed the entire scene.

Lastly, they speak about how Kaskade looks inward towards his life, his family, and religion while making music or performing. They speak about how these things are a source of inspiration for him. Overall, the interview showed dance music in a very positive light and showed the mainstream media a DJ/producer who is a family man, a devout Mormon and a creative soul who is putting on a major show for thousands of people.

Check out the full interview below and get ready for Kaskade’s Sun Soaked this weekend: