“Incredibly Effective” Ketamine Trials for Depression Have Launched

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“Incredibly Effective” Ketamine Trials for Depression Have Launched

A known issue amongst the electronic dance music scene is the use of drug paraphernalia and controlled substances. Although many choose to not partake in these activities to enhance their own experience, there has been immediate signs of a positive change in the individual whom correctly utilizes the right drug with their specific conditions. Researchers from UNSW Sydney and Black Dog Institute decided to investigate these effects amongst elderly patients who suffer from severe depression by injecting low doses of ketamine under their skin.

Ketamine, categorized as a dissociative anesthetic, is used in liquid or powdered form as an anesthetic, commonly on animals. In this case, the scientists applied the liquid version amongst their studies as it is more controlled. Sixteen patients aged 60 and above are partaking in these fascinating trials as they were unsuccessful with their previous treatments.

Ketamine liquid form

The studies began with low doses of the street name “K” via an injection under the participant’s skin. Over a period of 5 weeks, the ketamine dose was increased based off of the individual’s specific and personal needs.

ABC News interviewed the program leader, Professor Colleen Loo, about this groundbreaking trial. She stated:

 “What we noticed was that ketamine worked incredibly quickly and incredibly effectively. By incredibly effectively we mean going rapidly from severely depressed to being completely well in one day. Some people think, ‘oh maybe it was just a drug induced high’ – and it wasn’t. You had the woozy effects in the first hour or so, but the anti-depressant kicked in later.”

The research was inspired by a published paper in The Lancet. It was written and edited by Dr. Rupert McShane and gained attention for it’s innovative research. As the trials continue to show impeccable results, many individuals who suffer from depression look forward to benefiting from the life-changing effects that this study has lead; and if they choose to partake in other experiments, we hope that the finish line is just as happy!