Hansa, The Infamous Online Black Market, Has Been Shut Down



Anyone who is involved in the tech industry probably knows about the dark web. It’s another side of the internet that is often used as a black market for selling illegal items.

There are several black market places within the dark web, but in the last few years cyberpolice have caught up to them and taken down some of these websites. The latest is the shutdown of one of the largest illegal marketplaces that had still been in existence, Hansa Market, just a few days ago.

Based in Europe, this illegal website had a huge network of people buying and selling drugs worldwide, with administrators headquartered in Germany and servers located in Lithuania.

Authorities were able to take the site down by first taking down other black markets and using info gained from those to start undercover operations in The Hansa Market. People were still buying and trading with no idea that the police were watching everything.

The two admins of the site are currently in pre-trial detention and only allowed to communicate with their lawyers. We’ll have to wait to see the outcome.