A Fatal Car Crash Occurred Outside of Beachclub in Montreal

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A Fatal Car Crash Occurred Outside of Beachclub in Montreal

If you have ever heard or attended an event at the one-of-a-kind Beachclub in Montreal, Canada, you know that your experience will involve incredible music, a great party atmosphere, a beautiful venue, and memories that will live on for years to come. On occasion, these wonderful moments can turn sour fairly quickly – this was the case during yesterday’s show in which an individual died in a head on collision just outside of the venue.

Olivier Primeau, the owner of Beachclub, and his hardworking team have been recognized from time and time again for bringing talented acts to their club such as: Hardwell, Nervo, DVBBS, Valentino Khan, Yellow Claw, Galantis, Knife Party, and that’s just to name a few! Yesterday, the lovable Marshmello took the stage alongside the amazing Breathe Carolina and dynamic Khaos. The enormous crowds couldn’t help but dance and enjoy every moment that was presented in front of them. The unfortunate news broke today as one of Primeau’s employees, Eric, the head of Beachclub’s first-aid, was featured on TVA nouvelles to discuss what he had witness during yesterday’s tragic event.

Éric – TVA Nouvelles

L’équipe entière du Beachclub de Pointe-Calumet aimeraient souhaiter ses plus sincères condoléances à la famille de la victime du tragique accident qui s’est déroulé Dimanche dans notre communauté. Nous attendons toujours l’enquête policière avant de faire de plus amples commentaires sur ce qui s’est passé, mais nos discussions avec des témoins et certaines autorités nous portent à croire que le conducteur du véhicule n’a jamais accédé au Beachclub le jour de l’accident. Nous mettons tous les efforts en place pour sécuriser notre terrain et nous assurer que les gens qui entrent ou sortent de notre site sont en état de conduire. La sécurité des habitants du quartier est primordiale à nos yeux. Éric, notre chef secouriste a fait une entrevue ce matin avec TVA nouvelles pour discuter de ce qu’il a vu sur le chemin de La Baie hier après-midi et des mesures de sécurité que nous avons en place!

Nai-post ni Beachclub noong Lunes, Hulyo 31, 2017

Eric explained that he had witness a vehicle driving very quickly down the Montée de la Baie in the Pointe-Calumet area and then saw a large amount of police cars rush to the scene. He does not believe that the individual in question was coming from the event, as he didn’t see them turn out of the parking lot and it seemed as though he was coming from far away, which was also confirmed by the police car’s sirens, as the sound approached closer to the parking lot.

The reporter asked many great questions including if Eric thought that the individual consumed any alcohol, and once again inquiring if he thought that the person could have potentially attended Beachclub that day. Eric spoke on behalf of himself and also for the other witnesses as he confirmed that it was very unlikely that the driver would have come from Beachclub based on the speed of the vehicle and the direction. He didn’t acknowledge if he thought the driver was under the influence, however he proceeded to confirm that the venue has amazing safety measures in place to ensure that their clientele does not get involved in a tragic incident like this one at hand.

Beachclub is proud to have a shuttle service, ample security, and first-aid trained employees, and they also allow their attendees to leave their vehicles in the parking lot until they reach an appropriate level of sobriety to pick it up in the morning.

Primeau and his team have yet to release a statement as the police investigations are still taking place – however, he did confirm that the security of each participant is his utmost priority and that he wishes to extend his sincerest condolences to the individual’s family and friends.

We look forward to receiving more updates and information. To the individual that had their life taken away, we send our condolences and hope that this tragic event will bring even greater security measures to the area.