Downtown Miami Residents Angered By Constant Club Noise

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Residents of Biscayne Boulevard tower condos are losing sleep due to noise levels coming from Downtown Miami clubs such as, Club Space, Heart Nightclub, and E11even. Downtown Miami has been a mecca for Dance music nightclubs like these for over 15 years, and with the scene constantly evolving we don’t see club goers resting anytime soon.

The clubs along Biscayne Boulevard are open all hours of the night and close at about 12 pm the next day, which means the music is radiating and booming all weekend long. Club Space’s motto being “Who Needs Sleep?”. Residents living in the towers above these clubs have been unable to recharge their batteries however, and want sound ordinances to be taken seriously. When these Downtown clubs first opened they were built to draw tourists to the area and overcome the drug ridden alleyways, and create an area filled with art galleries, restaurants and nightlife. With the Miami population growing by 88,000 people, the area also became residential. Residents living in these towers can be estimated to be paying over $2 million per unit causing a huge conflict between real estate and Miami’s club life.

Events like Ultra Music Festival and Rolling Loud Music Festival have also been receiving backlash from Downtown Miami residents due to the loud music, and long periods of time that Bayfront Park is inaccessible to visitors because of the state of disarray the park is left in.

Sound ordinances in Miami state that noise that is audible over 100 feet from its source is a violation. However, these sound ordinances were never taken seriously until now. The three clubs along the downtown strip were recently fined over Memorial Day weekend. If these clubs are fined again, the city may be able to take away their operating licenses. A court hearing is scheduled for July 10th, where tower residents are predicted to appear and bring their concerns before the court.

Although residents are angered by the lack of sleep and health concerns it causes, most are understanding of the club scene and the revenue it brings to the city, and are hoping for a way to minimize the noise. Suggestions made by locals have included, creating a roof over these clubs to try and lower the sound projection, and insulating noise so it stays within club walls. Club E11even has already taken these suggestions into consideration and are working to enclose the rooftop terrace and move its rooftop shows. Check out some footage from Jamie Jones performing at Club Space during Miami Music Week here.

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What this could mean for DJs performing at these venues, with sound ordinances being taken more seriously, DJs will have to find a way to keep the integrity of their sets and work with the new acceptable volume levels. Giving a new and ironic meaning to the phrase, “Turn up the bass!”.

Source: Miami Herald