Dance For 1M Gives Fans Opportunity To Aid in Saving Rainforests

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Deforestation is widespread across the globe and only continues to grow. Every second, about one and a half acres of forests are cut down. With climate change affecting Earth more than ever, saving rainforests is critical. Deforestation alone causes 15% of carbon emissions each year – the same amount contributed by the entire transportation industry.

The ‘Dance For 1 Meter‘ campaign has teamed up with one of Ibiza’s hottest clubs, Hï Ibiza, to give dance music fans a chance to aid in preserving some of the Earth’s most precious rainforests. Fans can give 1 euro when purchasing a ticket online to a Hï Ibiza event and save 1 square metre of rainforest. Ticket purchasers can also view the meter of land that they have saved forever by using satellite and Google Earth technology.

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is home to about one third of all animal species in the world, and about 56,000 species of plants. With 25% of all modern day prescription drugs deriving from rainforest vegetation, the time to take action to protect these sources is now. And what better way to save the Earth than by dancing? Learn more about how you can help contribute to this campaign here.

The ‘D41M’ event calendar is already stacked with names like Armin Van Buuren, Martin Garrix, and Eric Prydz. DJs, promoters, and performers have the ability to reach millions of people through their artistry and we can only hope more events, clubs, and festivals partner with ‘D41M’ to save the rain forests.

Source: Dance For 1 Meter