Bassnectar Fires Back at Pretty Lights Fans in Twitter Rant


In a rare moment of frustration, Bassnectar went on a major rant on Twitter yesterday.

The stream of salty tweets gave way to a bit of Tw-Inception, as the beloved DJ went off about wooks chattering on their “meaningless social media accounts” … on his social media account.

After venting a bit, he continued on to advise his fans to ignore haters and keep tuning into love.

No one is exactly sure what started it, but signs point to a tweet Lorin posted in response to a River Beats blog. In the tweet, he corrected what was simply a matter of semantics. Some Pretty Lights fans took it to the next level by calling Bassnectar disrespectful toward PL.

Bassnectar and Pretty Lights have teamed up before, even putting on their two-day massive, BassLights, multiple years in a row. In light of their history, plus Nectar’s generally positive attitude, it’s hard to imagine that he’d really be taking a jab at PL.

Pretty Lights fans were quick to launch an assault on Bassnectar, spurring the rant:

Im Ron Burgundy

What do you think? Was his response appropriate or over-the-top?