ATLiens Raided By K9 Unit Before Show [Video]


ATLiens Raided By K9 Unit Before Show

ATLiens green room was raided by a K9 unit before their show in Greensboro after allegations that the duo was in possession of drugs.

ATLiens was scheduled to perform at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro, North Carolina, for a stop on their Abduction Tour. Before the headlining act got on the stage last Saturday, the local police department brought in dogs to conduct a raid of their green room. The K9 unit raid did not lead police to find any drugs in the green room and ATLiens was able to perform as scheduled.

What goes on in the green rooms are usually not known to the public, and the duo shared a small glimpse of their encounter with law enforcement. A short video of the raid was posted on their Twitter, including someone flipping off the police from behind. It is not known why the Greensboro police decided to inspect the Atlanta natives’ dressing room but fortunately, the raid did not affect their show and they will continue on to San Antonio for the next stop of the Abduction Tour.

Watch the video of the raid on the ATLiens Twitter.