Zhu And Nero ‘Dreamz’ Collaboration Coming Soon

If today isn’t a happy Friday, then I don’t know what is. A new teaser video for the upcoming Zhu and Nero collaboration just dropped and it is massively chilling. The extended clip for the track ‘Dreamz’ follows a streamlined trail of unmoving bodies into a whole hoard of them which builds into human towers and organized piles of flesh. There’s no music until the very end when ‘Dreamz’ drops out of nowhere and rocks the bodies awake.

Even though there is only about 10-15 seconds of the actual track in the video, it sounds unbelievably good. It takes Zhu’s signature high pitched vocals and pairs it with that booming Nero beat we all love so much. There is no anticipated drop date yet, the only information we have is that it is in fact “coming soon”. Stay tuned!