Twenty One Pilots Disses Coachella at Firefly Fest

Twenty One Pilots brought some serious shade to their headlining set at Delaware’s own Firefly Festival. The diss reportedly occurred Sunday night when they opened the show with a video projection of a Godzilla-like monster reaping havoc on the infamous Empire Polo Fields at Coachella. The video ends with the Coachella sign violently bursting into pieces, if you had any doubts about the Polo Fields.

If people had any doubts whether it was just a parody or a real diss, lead vocalist Tyler Joseph chimed in to elaborate on the strange video. Joseph stated, “And listen — it’s not that we don’t like Coachella, it’s just that we can’t stand it. When I hear about that festival, I always tell ‘em, ‘Have you ever been to Firefly, though?'” Those are some loaded words. It makes you wonder what industry drama is responsible for the angry rift?

The band continued the show without further mention of the beef. They performed their crowd-pleasing favorites and of course entertained the crowd with their goofy onstage antics.

You can stream their full Firefly Set below.