‘What We Started’ Shines as the Premier Film on Electronic Music History [REVIEW]

What We Started‘ is a catch-all documentary about the history of Electronic Music as told by some of the legends that got the whole culture started including Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, and Erick Morillo. The film contrasts these originators with budding EDM star Martin Garrix to showcase the difference between dance music’s roots and it’s present. The film answers the question “how did electronic music get to where it is now?’ and explores where it might go from here. No matter what side of the spectrum you fall on, be you a techno purist or a bass head, What We Started is a film that speaks to all dance music enthusiasts.

We got the chance to see the film at its premiere on June 15th, where stars and dance-music music icons Carl Cox, Moby, Paul OakenfoldErick Morillo, and even Paris Hilton were in attendance. Needless to say, we were blown away by what we saw.

Director Bert Marcus (previous producer of  ‘How to Make Money Selling Drugs’ and ‘Teenage Paparazzo’) masterfully tells the story of how the legends of old throwing raves in empty fields and abandoned warehouses inspired the biggest boom in popularity that any musical genre has ever seen. The film utilizes modern EDM superstar Martin Garrix and the master of Space Ibiza, Carl Cox, as the focal points of the film to highlight the differences between the roots of electronic music culture to where it is now. Despite the dramatic change in crowd-size and cultural relevance, one thing remains the same for these two titans – their passion for performance and their love of the music.

The film is not without its conflict, however. Many of the people who go back to dance music’s roots have a disdain for the more modern, less culturally driven electronic dance music. Seth Troxler quips in the exclusive clip below, ‘He’s a 17-year old kid and he’s the f——ing face of dance music. What the f—?’ The film explores this issue thoroughly with an objective eye, avoiding being overly critical of either side. Instead, the film explores this topic much more genuinely, through interviews with the people who played a direct role in the creation of the scene we all love.

Check out this exclusive video via The Hollywood Reporter of the film to get a sense for what’s in store. Stay tuned for an official release date to come!