Space Miami Rules Another Underground Night with Victor Calderone

victor calderone

Miami’s Club Space has always had a foot in the underground, so now that the scene is flourishing Space is reaping the benefits under new ownership and alignment with groups like Link Miami Rebels. This past weekend Space teamed up with techno legend Victor Calderone for a night of dark techy grooves.

You’ve gotta give Space some credit, because the opening DJ ended up having to play until somewhere around 4am before Victor hit the decks. Despite that delayed start, the opening DJ threw down hours of techy basslines that had the crowd moving. At times the less familiar would wonder if it was actually Victor playing because it was peak time and the music was bumping. Since it’s Miami, peak time can start whenever the headliner decides so this night meant it began around 4am. Thankfully Space enjoys that iconic Terrace that grooves until the sun comes up so the party go go on and on.

Space Miami will be ruling the underground all Summer long in Miami so be sure to check them out and head on over.