ilan bluestone Issues Call to Help Friend’s Brother Lost During Latest London Attack

James McMullan

London terror attack James McMullan
In the midst of the latest act of terrorism in London, trance DJ ilan Bluestone has requested help to search for his friend’s lost brother. James McMullan was out with his friends at Barrowboy and Banker Pub, located just beside the London Bridge on the night of the attack. He proceeded to step outside for a smoke and requested his friends to meet him outside after they were finished with their drinks. However, soon after James stepped outside the pub, the attack began and his friends were rushed upstairs to safety and James has yet to be seen since. The terror attack claimed the lives of 7 innocent bystanders and injured around 50 others.

Police have told McMullan’s family that James’ bank card has been found on one of the victims but it is not yet confirmed that the victim is James. The victim’s body can not be identified until the coroner’s report begins tomorrow. ilan bluestone posted the request to keep a look out for James McMullan on his Facebook this morning in hopes that someone could help in this unfortunate situation.