EDC Police Reports Released for Friday & Saturday


As 136,000 people attended the first night of the annual Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival, law enforcement and emergency response teams were on high alert. The event began at 7:00 PM and ran through the early morning on Saturday. There were a total of 443 medical calls which is an average of more than one every 90 seconds. Of these, only six required hospitalization and there have been no reported critical situations.

Additionally, local and state police made 29 felony narcotic arrests. Two people were charged with battery on a police officer. The festival reports having ejected 118 attendees.

Less than a month after the deadly attacks at a concert in England, additional press has been focused on encouraging anyone to report suspicious activity. Las Vegas police commented that there have been no threats made at this time. EDC is the largest music festival in North America.

Raving all night in the Las Vegas desert can be dangerous. If you’re at the Motor Speedway this weekend, make sure you’re staying hydrated and not getting lost from your support people. EDC production company, Insomniac, routinely supports it’s flagship event with some of the best ground crews. Remember, it’s OK to ask for help if you’re feeling light headed, dizzy, or sick. Insomniac staff are located throughout the festival, usually dressed in purple or yellow shirts.


Day 2 saw numbers down by large amounts from Friday. In fact overall attendance was down by around 1000. There were approx 28 felony arrests, 305 medical calls, and 5 hospital transports in addition to 4 DUI arrests.

Source / 3 News Las Vegas