Don Diablo Will Not Perform at Future Ultra Music Festivals

don diablo

The music industry business is a lot tougher behind the scenes than you would ever know. There is a lot of drama and difficult business going on in the planning of major festivals. Today, Don Diablo is speaking out against bad treatment by Ultra Singapore and refusing to perform at another Ultra again. He posted a video with his manager and tour manager to Facebook laying out a case against the festival.

Don Diablo claims that en route to Singapore his flight was delayed, but he made it in time for a delayed set. Him and managers say in this video that upon landing in Singapore, people from Ultra sent him nasty text messages saying he was no longer welcome at the event and that he was no longer getting paid for his set. On top of that, the festival pulled all pyrotechnics from his set. Don Diablo still performed, but he declared in the video below that he would no longer be able to play at any Ultra Music Festival events. He mentioned that many other DJs feel similarly to him, but are afraid to speak out.

This isn’t the first time an artist has spoken out against a music festival, and it probably won’t be the last. However, this is bold stand against one of dance music’s biggest festivals. Will Don Diablo and Ultra Music Festival repair their relationship? You can see the full video statement below.