DJ Snake Breaks Hiatus and Announces New Music

DJ Snake took a very public but brief hiatus from the spotlight earlier last month after some cancelled performances and a full-fledged social media blackout. His absence had many fans and artists worried due to the nature of his cryptic tweets. However, after about a month DJ Snake bounced back on Twitter and Snapchat with a newfound confident tone.

Whatever soul-searching that may have occurred during that break seemed to have helped. Just yesterday, DJ Snake took to Twitter to share some exciting news in the form of all caps.


Prior to his social media break, DJ Snake has been riding high on this towering success of his debut album Encore and a string of major festival appearances. Now that it’s confirmed he’s back in the game, DJ Snake offered optimism in regards to what lies ahead. He thanks fans for supporting his vision and refers to his upcoming endeavors as “just the beginning.” It’s unclear the direction or projected release date of his new music, but one can only assume that his return will be noteworthy.