Dillon Francis Will Star In Comedy Central’s US Version of Taskmaster



The hit UK television series “Taskmaster” is being Americanized. And, of course, what better way to remaster a UK hit than by starring Dillon Francis as a contestant?

The series is set up as a game show where comedians star as contestants competing against each other by performing certain “tasks”. Some of the tasks on the UK series have included: paint a picture of a horse while riding a horse, put on a onesie in a pop up tent (all of you camping festivalgoers can relate to this one), and grow the longest nail in ten weeks.  

If you are a fan of EDM or comedy, you have most certainly watched Dillon Francis on YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, or even Instagram. If you have come across his videos, you are probably internally laughing because you know how funny he is. Francis released his own short 5-episode comedy show called “DJ World” on YouTube in May 2016, which featured fellow EDM artists Getter and Nick Coletti. Francis has a very raunchy and satirical sense of humor, and it will be interesting to watch how he brings those qualities to “Taskmaster”.

The US version will star Francis alongside comedians Lisa Lampanelli, Ron Funches, Freddie Highmore, and Kate Berlant. The series has been running in the UK since July 2015. The show was originally created by comedian Alex Horne, who is the star of the UK series. The United States version will instead star Reggie Watts as the “Taskmaster”, with Horne joining as his assistant. The show will be filmed in Hollywood in front of a live studio audience on July 10th and will air on Comedy Central.

Maybe Dillon will bring along his piñata Gerald – we can only hope.