Deadmau5 Comments On DJ Khaled Being At EDC

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DJ Khaled is not a happy camper at the moment. The eccentrically enthusiastic rapper is upset that his set at EDC Las Vegas this weekend was met with loud boo’s from an uncomfortable crowd and cut short. This is what he has to say about the matter via his social media platforms:

But he wasn’t the only one who took to social media to express their feelings about the matter. Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, made his feeling known as per usual. Zimmerman playfully trolled about the situation with his classic sarcasm and humor on Twitter:

Being a seasoned veteran of the festival and a trailblazer for the dance genre himself, Zimmerman’s internet comments are playful but noteworthy. Maybe EDC will avoid taking on flashy and trendy performers in future lineups. This unforgettable cringeworthy moment has not seen the last of fellow artists, industry leaders, and fans putting in their two cents about the situation. Stay tuned!