All Day I Dream Kicks Off ‘Summer of Love’ World Tour

Summer of Love

Lee Burridge will be kicking off a world tour in Los Angeles on June 11th, where he will take his ‘All Day I Dream’ party to new heights, combining whimsical visuals and decor with his signature tastes in electronic dance music and thus creating his vision of a dream-like experience where music lovers can come together and forget about reality. The open-air day party evokes a unique vibe as music is accompanied by whimsical visuals and decor to awaken the senses. Lee Burridge said himself that music “connects those who are open minded to life and the lives of others”, therefore this international tour promotes the universal language of love and emotion.

Following the Los Angeles debut, ADID will travel throughout North America making stops in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal and Toronto to share this refreshing escapist experience. Additionally, the event will make appearances in Europe including Romania’s Sunwaves, Barcelona’s La Terrazza as well as Belgium’s notorious Tomorrowland. This variety of venues and destinations further plays into the enchanting essence of Lee Burridge’s vision for a spiritual and musical journey.

The event is an extension of the renowned label with the same title and has allowed many talented artists to flourish as a part of the collective and as individuals. All Day I Dream will release its ‘Summer Sampler 2017’ compilation on June 16th to prepare Dreamers for the upcoming ‘Summer of Love‘ events. The album includes seven must-hear tracks that will most definitely be heard on any leg of the tour. For more info as well as tickets to All Day I Dream’s ‘Summer of Love’ world tour, head over to