Alan Walker Accused of Being Ghost Produced

Alan Walker
Alan Walker, is a 19 year old Norwegian DJ and Producer and is most well known for his 2015 hit entitled ‘Faded’.

He recently a video walk-through detailing the production of his 2016 release ‘Alone‘. And it appears that Walker’s knowledge about producing is pretty limited. This is further compounded by the fact that his co-producer, Anders Froen, was assisting with the explanation as well as the fact that there are multiple writers credited on his productions.

In this walk-through video, Walker and Froen articulate the process of creating ‘Alone’ – where it seems painfully obvious that Walker isn’t too sure about the concepts of producing. This may be a result of not being a native English speaker but it also could hint at the fact that he’s not the main producer of his tracks.

The video is definitely cringe worthy and was definitely not received well. It currently has way more negative votes than it does positive ones and is riddled with comments such as “this video is more like a tutorial on how to destroy your image” and “Alan is trying to learn what happened in the track, just like all of us. Embarrassing.”

This is definitely not good news for Walker, hopefully he can come out with some follow up walk-throughs or videos detailing him producing his tracks.

Be sure to check out the video below!