Pemberton Music Festival Cancels 2017 Event

It’s official. Pemberton Music Festival is cancelled and will not be running for the current 2017 festival season. At first, the signs were pointing south when their social media pages suddenly disappeared.

Image may contain: textTo make matters even worse, the company that runs the festival, Ernst & Young, has filed for bankruptcy, which means that anyone who purchased a ticket will not get a refund. Imagine the excitement of buying a ticket and reading this today, “PMF is now in bankruptcy, it has no ability to provide refunds for tickets purchased.” Tickets can still be refunded through a third party if it was bought with a credit card. It’s one thing to cancel a festival but nonrefundable tickets make for an even worse reputation.

Their main website shows information on how to resolve ticket purchasers’ troubles. The festival had great lineups in the past and the lineup this year was pretty good too. We wish them all the luck in the world because fans are going to have a bitter taste in their mouth if they decide to plan a 2018 festival. Once again there is another let down in the world of events.