JaRule Claims 81% Of 2018 Fyre Festival Tickets Are Sold

The Fyre festival has been all over the news for all of the wrong reason. First there was the flood of pictures and horror stories, then the anger and lawsuits. Even now, the creators claim that there will still be a 2018 Fyre festival.  Perhaps the funniest part is that now Ja Rule claims that next year’s festival is already 81% sold out.

In a bold move after being faced with a $100 million lawsuit, Fyres creators have offered attendees tickets for next year in lieu of refunds. Instead, anyone who wants a refund will get VIP passes to next year’s festival. The creators JaRule and Billy McFarland have admitted they were in over their heads, but they are boldly claiming 2018 will go on. However, we already told you recently that Fyre Media is no longer paying its employees and the prospects for the company as a whole are quite grim. It’s unclear why anybody would believe such an outlandish ticket sale claim when the festival has already been lying through its teeth all along. We’ll let you know when the bankruptcy is official. Don’t count on getting your money back.