Instagram Clones Snapchat’s Selfie Filters


In the last 6 months, there has been a monumental shift in the social media world. The once dominant Snapchat has begun to lose its edge. Snapchat’s Stories were the addictive thing everybody had to use. Then, Instagram came along and launched its own Stories feature, backed by Facebook and already huge userbase. No longer did you have to find out somebody’s Snapchat username, because you already followed them on Instagram.

Instagram Stories have already eclipsed Snapchat’s userbase (200m vs 166m) and you can feel it as the majority of people begin moving away from Snap. Slowly, Instagram began adding features from Snapchat, like fancy text, and stickers. Now, Instagram is adding that last feature that made Snapchat stand out: selfie filters. Instagram also added the ability to type a hashtag in your story, which will take users to a hashtag story for that particular hashtag. Is there really any burning desire to stick it out with Snapchat anymore? Sound off in the comments.

The initial face filters will be as follows:

Gold Crown


Nerd Glasses


Butterfly Crown

Ice Crown



Source: Tech Crunch