Experience Coachella’s Immersive Antarctic Dome

Antarctic Dome

One of Coachella’s best new additions was an air conditioned audio-visual dome called The Antarctic Dome. Now, the creators of the dome, Obscura Digital, have posted the 8-minute, 360 degree video shown on the dome throughout the two weekends, which they are calling ‘Chryalis’.

500 attendees at a time were allowed into the dome where each person sat in their own bean bag chair and starred up and around as the trippy visuals unfolded. This immersive experience took “people on a metamorphic journey through time, space, and consciousness, with a nod to crowd-favorite art installations from Coachellas past,” according to their website.

Alongside the official video of ‘Chryalis’, Obscura Digital offered up a short video showcasing some of the best reactions to the video showcasing just how big of a hit it truly was at the festival. Check out more information from the creators themselves here.

Whether you were able to visit the Antarctic Dome at the festival or not, you can now experience Obscura Digital’s immersive project, ‘Chryalis’ below: