A Producer Has Been Claiming Big Makk’s Music As His Own

Big Makk

It has been almost a year since producer Big Makk passed away. The community surrounding Mad Decent mourned the sudden loss of their colleague. About ten months have passed and someone has recently claimed the producer’s work as their own. A producer by the name of DJ GRIF8 posted a song identical to ‘Imma Rock‘. GRIF8’s actions were brought to light via Twitter and the community filled with friends and fans of the late producer. Once it was realized, they began to tear GRIF8 apart through Twitter. These are just a few examples of the outrage that he has caused:

The track is no longer on GRIF8’s SoundCloud, but the damage has already been caused. It is completely disrespectful to copy another artists’ work and thankfully, Big Makk has a strong community that still supports his music.

H/T: Stoney Roads