The Chainsmokers Have Been Sitting in the Top 10 for a Full Year

The Chainsmokers
Say what you will about the EDM “rookies” The Chainsmokers, but their success in the mainstream music charts has been basically untouched in the past year. They are still riding high on their roll with a steady seat in the number 8 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100’s Top 10 with their Coldplay track “Something Just Like This.

The eccentric duo log in at the list with four top 10 singles that include, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, ‘Closer’, ‘Paris’ and ‘Something Just Like This’. The only other artist close to reaching the music feat was Katy Perry in 2010, with her solid 69 straight weeks on the Top 10 list.

It’s the elements in their easy to listen to musical production that makes them attractive to the mainstream population. Specifically, those that are just finding those first introductory artists to the genre. While many fans within the electronic music community have mixed feelings about them, it is easy to see that they have unlocked a certain formula that draws in the prominent young audience and commercial success at the same time.