Bassnectar Will Be A Middlelands Resident

Bassnectar Middlelands

It appears people are already beginning to make the fictional world of Middlelands their home. The festival already has a resident DJ. It didn’t take Bassnectar too long to announce yet another residency at the greatest festivals of the season. Middlelands joins the growing list of permanent places where Lorin Ashton will be throwing down some hard beats.

So far, the list is very short with the addition of Electric Forest’s residency last year. We could witness this list gain a few more festivals in future years. There’s no telling what other DJ’s will take from Ashton’s moves. Some are starting their own festivals while others are announcing curated shows with crazy lineups. It’s great to see our most beloved artists taking advantage of the opportunities they deserve.

Some fans fear that permanent residency results in losing the uniqueness of a set. I say fear not because if there’s any one artist that will always throw you off with completely abstract sets year after year, it’s this man right here. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!