World’s First Silent EDM Film ‘Electric Heart’ Has Arrived

A silent film about a music festival? Now that’s a phrase I never thought I’d hear. Just when you think that the world of dance music couldn’t get anymore creative, a brand new idea emerges. Electric Heart is a silent narrative film that follows the main character Bryan and his best friend Andres on a spontaneous road trip from Portland to a music festival in Las Vegas. Bryan’s love interest Lacy invites him to said EDM fest, and he goes in hopes of taking his feelings for her to the next level. Along the way, they hit unexpected road bumps, meet some eccentric people, and make unforgettable memories that are specially curated within a festival domain which many are familiar with.

Before Electric Heart producer Scott Little became a film student, he came up with “FilmEDM”, a production company with the notion of taking a step away from traditional filmmaking and combining it with his passion for electronic dance music. Now, Little’s concept is a concrete reality with the screening of his film next week in Los Angeles.

Electric Heart is the first of its kind. It’s a must see for all music lovers and anyone looking for a relatable filmic version of past music festival experiences they’ve had. There’s nothing like getting in a car with a couple of friends, and heading off to make unforgettable memories with nothing to loose but sleep. There may be no words, but there is definitely music and the personal expressions of the characters which we can relate to- no script needed.

Check out the trailer and some more info about the screening below. Stay tuned!