You Can’t Beat This Stage Roof View of Ultra Music Festival

As festivalgoers, we are limited to a few options in terms of viewing the show. Either we are in the general crowd or fortunate enough to be in the VIP sections overlooking them. But if you so happen to be a crew member, while you’re working hard you may also receive special benefits that grant you a completely different perspective of the show. During Above & Beyond‘s set at the main stage during Ultra Music Festival Miami this year, one of the crew members climbed the rafters of the megastructure and was able to give us a glimpse of a view from the roof.

As you can tell from the video, the journey of getting to the roof is quite a process. There isn’t much of a clear path to maneuver around. Each step along the rafters must be taken with caution and every change in direction requires clipping the carabiner to a safety rope to avoid sudden tragedy. However, if you survive past all the obstacles, you’ll be rewarded with what may be the most astounding view of the show.