Uber Charges Hundreds for Rides Home from Coachella

uberIn the past couple of years Uber has received a lot of backlash regarding their surge prices during special events and holidays. While the idea of demand and price increase makes sense, Uber completely took advantage of how dependent people have become on the service. This past weekend at Coachella, attendees paid as much as $250 to be transported to their local hotels and rentals. With surge charges being over 7 times the usual cost, the company financially excelled but only by losing the respect of many.

If you’re going to an event with hundreds of thousands of people, you’ve mentally prepared for the amount of time you need to wait for an Uber. What you might not have been ready for was hundreds of dollars being charged to your account. Many of those who are incapable of driving post-festival turn to the service as a safe and reliable option. However, when rides start costing almost as much as a ticket, it might be time to look at other options. Although camping isn’t for everyone, the ease and cost makes it an appealing option for many. You don’t have to worry about taking hours to get home, intoxicated drivers, deciding on a designated driver or the standstill exit lines. External ride services through Craigslist and other local listings have become increasingly popular as well. Either way, festival goers should begin to look at pre-planning options that don’t drain their bank account… preferably with companies they ethically support.