Tisoki & Oliverse – Friends Forever

How do you know if your best friend is really your BFF? Have you been friends since childhood? Do they know how weird you are and still put up with all of your BS? Are they blackmailing you? You might ask yourself these questions, but you really only need to ask the one that truly matters: do they enjoy face-melting dubstep as much as you do? If that answer is a simple yes, then you’ve found a good partner in crime. So grab that BFF and rage to the latest track from Tisoki and Oliverse, ‘Friends Forever.’

This dubstep revival of an older melody from Oliverse just got flipped upside down and cranked up to eleven. The end result is a pretty banging track that shows both artists’ unique production styles, as well as their ability to collaborate. These young producers are definitely making a statement with this track, so don’t wait any longer. You can download or stream the track below, but queue this one up for your next hangout session with your closest BFF! Enjoy!

Tisoki & Oliverse – Friends Forever | Download