Snapchat Now Lets You Add 3D Augmented Reality Emojis To Video With “World Lenses”

Snapchat has rolled out their newest feature, “World Lenses” – an intriguing opportunity for users of the app to build augmented reality into their daily lives.

The concept is simple: go to your Snapchat camera and turn it towards your face. Tap the screen and activate the face-sensoring filters that Snapchat offers. Some of the new options available, you’ll notice, are a part of the World Lenses feature, and you’ll notice that it now allows you to place 3D objects in the middle of your scene during videos and move them around as if they were truly real objects.

Some of the fun emojis include phrases like “lol”, “hello” and “gross”, as well as rabbit jumping out of bushes and large text bubbles. They’re all quite entertaining, but they definitely also point to the types of technological features Snapchat is truly capable – ones that are on the forefront of cutting-edge innovation.

You can watch the video introducing the feature below, and be sure to keep an eye on what’s next for Snapchat – with this introduction to 3D capabilities, we can only imagine what will come after.