Pasquale Rotella and Deadmau5 Aren’t Done Feuding Yet


Welp, maybe that Deadmau5 EDC 2017 aspiration is a bit premature. We told you recently that deadmau5 was finally going to perform at an Insomniac event after a 5 year absence, but that doesn’t mean all is sunshine and rainbows now. It all started with a simple tweet about the situation.

Deadmau5 has notoriously disliked the way Insomniac has made its own festival brand equally as big or even bigger than than the brands of the DJs that perform there. It appears that he certainly doesn’t like Insomiac Founder, Pasquale Rotella, being compared to him. It appears Pasquale couldn’t help but take a little jab back at the mau5.

Obviously these guys are adults and businessmen, so it’s likely nothing more than a little ribbing. After all, Mau5 has also poked endless fun at Tomorrowland and Ultra but they continue to work with him.