Gorillaz Are Looking To Bring Their Demon Dayz Festival To Chicago

Gorillaz Demon Dayz Festival

The Gorillaz have a lot more touring planned than we thought. The Demon Dayz Music Festival – the band’s brand new music festival – is planned for June 10 of this year in the United Kingdom.

Don’t feel like you’re missing out, because the festival is planning to hit the United States during the summer as well. In the same interview that told us about a new TV show featuring the animated band members, Damon Albarn revealed plans to bring the festival to Chicago.

If this information is true, the windy city proves that they throw superior summer events. The festival will join Chance the Rapper’s Magnificent Coloring DayLollapaloozaSpring Awakening, North Coast and more. So far, the band is set to play in JapanSan FranciscoQuebec and the United Kingdom, and we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s even more to come.

We have high hopes for the next few months with this long-time dormant band.