Viral Video Pokes Fun at The Chainsmokers’ Songwriting

The Chainsmokers have been constantly criticized for the uninspired, simplistic, and overly accessible songs they write. At this point they are almost no longer an EDM duo, and have shifted to being the next hottest pop-stars.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks the duo has faced while on the road to widespread fame and respect is the overuse of formulaic songwriting, recycled from pop music throughout history. From a musical standpoint, if you break down their tracks, they are nothing more than a few major chords, behind an over sexualized female vocal, lilting about love, loss, and how hard it is to be a youth.

Do you want to be as relevant and popular as The Chainsmokers? Now you can be.

This video painstakingly outlines just how easy it is to write a song that sounds just like The Chainsmokers! Enjoy the video and good luck on your journey to pop-stardom!

Now you can be like The Chainsmokers. 😂

Nai-post ni Tune Collective noong Linggo, Abril 16, 2017