Breathe Carolina Talks About Their Past, Present, & Future

Breathe Carolina

Electronicore Band turned DJs Breath Carolina has been busy over the past few years releasing music through Spinnin’ Records. The took a moment to discuss their craziest experience and their transition from a live act to DJs during Miami Music Week.

Where could we have seen Breathe Carolina during Miami Music Week?

We were allover! We played a multitude of amazing parties and were able to hang out with a ton of friends and make some new ones!


I know in your early days we saw only Breathe Carolina as a live electropop band, and we see you djing more now. How has the transition been from performing mainly live to DJing? What do you like better about DJing – or do you like performing live better? Will you ever go back to performing live?

Both are great for what they are and there are things I love about each. What we currently do is the natural progression. We wouldn’t be what we are today without everything we’ve gone through- however not having to load out after a show is nice too ☺ At some point we will rollout a new live show and tour on it, however it will make sense with what we are currently doing now.


There have been members that have come and gone within Breathe Carolina. How has this affected the music and your sound?

Yes, very true. The biggest thing that has been affected is simply the members that  played instruments live. With us transitioning the past few years, its made it so we haven’t needed that live instrumentation. I’ve always had a major role in writing our music- and now with Tom in the group, we’ve been driving force behind the music for the past 3-4 years anyhow – so not much has changed other than the music we’ve wanted to write.


How has it been working with Spinnin’ Records?

Absolutely amazing! They’ve been nothing but great for us and very supportive of our music. The whole team over there work tirelessly on our behalf – its awesome.


What is the craziest thing to happen during a performance?

I have 2, being arrested on stage was interesting, We played a show that we were not allowed to curse at and I simply didn’t listen. The cops came up and tackled me basically and dragged me off stage in front of two-thousand people.

The other is I walked onto a dark stage couldn’t see well and I thought the mic was further away than it was I went to grab it and ended up smashing it into my mouth and broke half of my front tooth off- spit it out and started the set. You only do that once!


What has been your most interesting fan experience?

I don’t know if I have a specific one, but nothing makes me feel more awkward than when a fan comes up and is dead silent.. We’ve done met and greets where kids come up and literally just stare at you. I’ll then ask them if they want a picture or something like that and they just stood there looking at me as if I spoke a different language. It’s even worse when they simply say no and walk away – makes you question yourself HAHA.


What does Breathe Carolina plan on doing in the future?

We have a ton of music coming out – including a cover of ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’, a couple new singles + a EP during Summer. The idea is simply to put out the best music we can write and tour the world in support of it. The more shows we can play means the more people and fans we get to meet. At the end of the day- that’s what its about, great music and awesome people.