Bassnectar Shows Props To Sober Fans

Image result for bassnectarEDM culture is often perceived as going hand in hand with drugs and alcohol to enhance the live experience and heighten the senses to create a feeling of escapism. Although true to parts of the culture, it is also an all encompassing stereotype that many find to mistakenly define the dance world as a whole. Bassnectar took to social media to spread a strong message of the heavily ignored prevalence of sobriety in the EDM community.

A fan initially reached out to the DJ/producer on Twitter for help to sell his Basslantic City ticket because of a recent decision to be sober. The fan expressed his concern of being put in a tricky position due to being surrounded by peers who would be drinking and taking drugs at the event. Bassnectar then responded with a lengthy message of support and offered to help connect him with other fans who feel the same way:

This is an important message for people who are possibly on the balancing beam of sobriety and still craving to be involved in the EDM culture they love so much. It’s a reminder that a crowd is made up of many different people with many different stories, and reasons why they are there.