Ultra Worldwide Reveals Plans For India & Australia

ultra worldwide

After having a successful first day, Ultra Music Festival made a massive announcement during the live stream that they would be expanding the festival to a brand new market. Ultra Worldwide is officially expanding to India hitting two of the major cities, New Delhi and Mumbai.

Ultra Worldwide has expanded to several places over the past couple years and has become a worldwide phenomenon. Bringing the festival to two locations in India only makes sense because it is a huge market for electronic music that has not been fulfilled by many other festivals or companies.

While no official date has been announced for the festivals yet, this is a major win for the continent and will undoubtedly lead the way for more festivals and shows to make the trek over and reach a wide open market of music fans.

Ultra India will surely be a major destination for any international electronic music fan, so check out the screenshot from the live stream below that lists all the cities for the upcoming Ultra Music Festival’s all around the world:

ultra worldwide

Ultra Worldwide also revealed plans to expand to Australia for the very first time

ultra worldwide

H/T: EDM Sauce