Steve Angello’s SIZE Roars Back to Life With 2017 Mini-Mix

S-ZE 2017 Mini-Mix

So far the dance music landscape in 2017 has consisted of the big names chasing pop radio future-bass vocal hits and a trance renaissance. However one renowned music label that has remained very quiet throughout 2016 is Steve Angello‘s SIZE Records. After many of the label’s artists struck out on their own ventures, the label found itself without many high profile releases in 2016.

Now SIZE is back with brand spanking new album art style and a whole bunch of new music. To mark the rebirth of SIZE for 2017, the label just released a super short 2 minute mini-mix to whet our appetites. We must say, even 2 minutes was enough to get us excited about Size Records once again. At this point we have no idea what tracks were included in the mix, but it’s safe to say we’ll find out soon enough. Check out the mini mix below.