Mat Zo Discusses Trance and Depression on Twitter

It is no secret that Mat Zo has dealt with depression in the past; the 26-year-old artist from London has been very transparent with his fans about his emotional state. Recently, he took to Twitter to share his ideas on how trance attracts a certain crowd—a crowd that finds happiness and escape in the euphoria of trance. By no means was he bashing on the idea that trance acts as a safe haven for troubled individuals. He was simply stating that many people who find comfort in listening to trance do so because it sounds beautiful and lets them forget about everything they have to worry about on a daily basis.

The British producer went on to make the dark point that if he returns to making euphoric trance, we should worry about his mental state. His trance was produced during a troubling time in his life, and the fact that he is no longer making that music is a good sign. While some of us may miss his Anjunabeats days, we can probably all agree that it is a good thing Mat Zo no longer feels the need to produce trance to maintain happiness.