Lane 8 & Kidnap Kid Release Killer Collab “Aba” via Anjunadeep

Lane 8 & Kidnap Kid have finally collaborated on a highly-anticipated new single “Aba”, much to the delight of deep house fans everywhere. “Aba” has been in the works for upwards of two years, and today marks the official release date from a quality track from two Anjunadeep artists on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Check out Aba below:

Here’s what the two DJs had to say about how the track came into existence:

“I believe this track started back in 2014 – I was in London for an Anjunadeep event and came in a day early to get in the studio with Matt and see if we could come up with a good idea for a track. We noodled around for awhile and came up with the main piano riff that forms the basis of the track. While we both liked the piano bit, we didn’t really have time to turn it into a real track until much later. At some point in 2015, I put together a demo version based on what we had done, and I played that version a lot in 2015. It became a pretty heavily requested track in my sets and a lot of fans were trying to figure out what the hell it was.

We never got around to finishing that demo, but at the end of 2016 Matt told me he had been working on the track again and I was really excited to hear what he had come up with. He sent a new demo, which sounded a lot more up to date than anything we had done before. I added some of my sounds and we finished it soon thereafter. I think it’s really great that we stuck with it after all this time and finally got it wrapped up, which is also a credit to Dom Donnelly from Anjunadeep who kept bugging us to finish the damn thing!” –Lane 8

“I’ve been a big admirer of Dan’s music for a long time so I’m really happy we’ve been able to work on a track together. I think we found a really nice middle ground between our two styles and it came out sounding great!” Kidnap Kid