This Year’s EDCLV Will Be The Last Appearance Of The BassPod Stage


According to EDC’s Twitter page, after this year we will see no more of the fire breathing BassPod stage. Presented by Insomniac’s own brand Bassrush, this stage was always the host to the biggest dubstep and trap performers and featured more subwoofers than probably all the other stages combined. The stage was a group of speakers and pyrotechnic fixtures that surrounded the crowd on all sides, so you had bass coming at you from all angles.

Besides the insane amount of low end frequencies this stage provided, it also had some of the coolest pyro features with flames spitting out of each stage fixture. At EDCLV 2016, one of the stage pieces actually got too hot and the flames caught it on fire, causing the stage to shut down for a short period of time. EDC recently tweeted that this will be the last year for the BassPod Stage, with no real reason given so far. The stage catching on fire could definitely be a reason, though we are also seeing this fesivalt branch out even more with its stages and try new things – so maybe we have another new stage coming our way. We will have to wait and see.