Deadmau5 Releases Two New Tracks On ‘We Are Friends’ Compilation

Joel Zimmerman has finally graced us with two new beautifully orchestrated songs from Volume Six of his Mau5trap’s We Are Friends collection. They are seriously setting the tone for what is to be expected on his upcoming Lots of Shows in a Row tour beginning next week.

The newly released tracks ‘Polaris’ and ‘Bad at Titles‘ are uniquely different from one another, yet perfectly embody everything Deadmau5. ‘Polaris,’ which Zimmerman has used as the opener for many of his previous sets, takes us back to timeless classics like ‘Faxing Berlin‘ and ‘Brazil.’ It is the luscious, melodic, and emotionally driven electric melody you never knew you needed. It makes you gasp, ‘this. is. Deadmau5.’

Zimmerman’s collaboration with ATTLAS in ‘Bad at Titles’ gives off a much heavier, techno based vibe with it’s slow but captivating build up that is always a main theme throughout Deadmau5’s sets. You can almost envision the quick flashes of red and white strobes through the misty shadows of moving bodies below, and the subtle outline of pulsing mouse ears high above the chaos. It’s the kind of song that makes you move without even realizing, making you become one with this epic hypnotic beat. Listen below, or download here.