Big Gigantic Names Top 30 Best Funk Songs of All Time

big gigantic

Live-electronic music didn’t just spring out of nowhere. It took the best bits and pieces of already established genres and completely revamped them to make something new and beautiful. Artists like Big Gigantic know that sometimes to make a new song it’s important to not only look forward but to look back to the greats. Dominic Lalli, with his sexy saxophone sound, and Jeremy Salken with his powerful drums, both originally played in funk bands before they became what is now Big Gigantic. It’s easy seeing where they draw inspiration from with their unique funk dub sound. So, when Billboard asked them to name the 30 best funk songs of all time, they were elated to offer their opinion.

Of course thrown in there are the classics you’d expect from a throwback party like ‘Play That Funky Music’ by Wild Cherry, ‘Lowrider’ by War and ‘Funkytown’ by Lipps Inc. If you’re looking for something to keep you grooving through Friday afternoon and night, just go to this list. With hits from Carl Carlton, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Michael Jackson and more, listening to this had me walking down the hallways at work like it was my turn to dance on Soul Train.

The boys chose a top three that we would all have to agree with:

3. ’Super Freak’- Rick James

2. ‘Give Up The Funk’- Parliament Funkadelic

1. ‘More Bounce to the Ounce’- Zapp

With legends like this helping to shape their sound, it’s no wonder Big Gigantic has seen massive amounts of success. Now, all we can ask for is them to remix a few more of these funky tracks.

H/T: Billboard