Ash Pournouri is Searching for the Next Big Star

For a lot of talented local DJs, sometimes you just need the exposure and the right network to soar to stardom. If you are in this category, we have some exciting news for you! Avicii‘s former manager, Ash Pournouri, is on the hunt for the next big star through his new program called Self Made!

The program allows unknown artists located in Sweden, Denmark and Norway to submit their best work in hopes of having their talent recognized. After the tracks have been submitted, music lovers from around the world will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite track and the 21 most popular artists will advance to the second round. From there is the developmental stage, which grants the 21 artists an amazing learning experience under the guidance of well-known artists and producers from around the world. The top 12 contestants who survive the second round will advance to the final round, which is set to take place in Stockholm on May 27th. The winner of the whole competition will be granted a 50-50 record label deal with Pournouri’s own PMRD label as well as a $25,000 cash prize. In addition the winner will also be given the opportunity to work with major talents including John MartinCarl Falk, Rami Yacoub, and Arnthor Birgisson.

Pournouri commented on today’s music industry as well as introduced his new program by stating:

“Right now if you want to break through online and promote yourself, you have to struggle for attention among endless funny cat videos, gaming videos, cooking videos and everything in between. On lots of other talent shows, the filtering process is done by a few select people. We’re offering the fans the chance to get involved from the get go. We don’t dictate anything; we don’t dictate who goes into the final, who wins and we don’t dictate how the artists should express themselves. We’re not going to say, ‘This week, you sing a rock classic. This week you sing a country song.’ We’re allowing the artists to express their own identity, because I think that’s the only way you get a real artist to flourish. We don’t want karaoke artists. We want the real ones.”

Unfortunately the contest is currently available for only fans located in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, but is expected to go global by next year. In addition, Pournouri plans to expand the contest to other genres as well. For more information on Self Made, click here and be sure to check out the video below.