Coachella Organizers Surprised by Beyonce’s Pregnancy Announcement


Beyonce‘s pregnancy is all the buzz right now, but unfortunately she did not inform the Coachella organizers about her exciting news. To their surprise, they had just learned about her twins the same time everyone else did, and were understandably concerned. Goldenvoice‘s worries are valid given that Queen B is 35 years old and her first pregnancy with Blue Ivy had some complications.

However, this announcement is not stopping the multi-Grammy-winning performer from sticking to her word. According to an unnamed source, she still intends on attending the festival both weekends and putting on a show for attendees. Assuming that the pregnancy goes well, she will make her debut at the festival and possibly break records for mainstage attendance. Even if she has to pull out last minute, Goldenvoice is not worried because they are constantly connecting with artists so finding a replacement would not be difficult. Hopefully, Beyonce will still be able to perform a magnificent show for fans.

Source: TMZ