Trance Helps Spur Test Tube Baby Development To Embryo Stage


A new scientific study revealed that test tube babies subjected to trance music are more likely to reach the embryo stage of development.

Researchers at the Altravita In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Clinic in Moscow discovered that exposure to trance superstar Armin van Buuren’s compilations from his podcast, ‘A State of Trance‘, resulted in a fifth more viable embryos in test tubes, according to The Telegraph. The eggs were exposed to trance for 24 hours per day at 80 decibels (the approximate volume of a telephone’s dial tone).

Although the link found between van Buuren’s beats and the development of the eggs may seem coincidental or illogical, lead scientist Alex Biryukov and his team believe that the rhythmic vibrations from the music may simulate an environment similar to a womb for the conceived cells.

According to Healthy Moms Healthy Babies, it has been scientifically proven that playing music whilst pregnant can improve your baby’s hearing and motion capabilities as well as their brain functions and subsequent reaction times.

As Wilfried Gruhn, Professor of Music Education at the University of Music in Freiburg reported;

“Music stimulates the growth of brain structures and connects many activated brain areas. Learning is based on the plasticity of the brain, which is the most powerful in the early years; however, it keeps going over the entire lifespan.”

An associate professor at the University of Oxford, Dagan Wells, also stated that:

“It is possible that vibrations could simulate some of these effects by agitating the medium, helping to mix the fluid in which the embryo is immersed, diluting potentially harmful chemicals excreted by the embryo and increasing exposure to important nutrients.”